May 17, 2017

The THUG Bride Story - Francis and Asia

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Francis and Asia became my client in Invitations by Ten. We came up with an invitation that suited their lovestory, and rustic theme. Ms. Asia was very hands-on with her invitations and the whole wedding as well. She availed my graphic services for her passion project -- THUG Bride Before We say I do Wedding Planner. Her content plan is awesome! I also can't wait to use it in my own wedding. haha!

About Thug Bride

We really wanted to be hands on, but planning, especially we are away from home, is just challenging. I checked for references online until I started looking for planners or guides but could not find one based on my needs. We ended up creating our own. And though there were things we wished we knew, overall, it was a beautiful experience preparing our own wedding. It was more heartfelt & personal. I enjoyed the whole process & became a wedding enthusiast. I almost became a wedding planner! Well, I can't yet or maybe won't end up becoming one but I have that burning desire in me to talk about how we worked on ours & our experiences. Hence, the Thug Bride planner was born. This is especially crafted from a bride's first hand experience to help brides-to-be. Thug Bride is going to be your very good friend, & one of the best wedding keepsakes you will gladly keep forever!

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event & a beautiful milestone for every love story. However, as much as you want to be on top of it, it's challenging because it is something you have never done before (exception for wedding coordinators!) & it's not easy but you want it to be exactly how you dreamt of it because guess what, it's your day!

"How or where should we start?"

You got engaged, & finally getting married, & suddenly you'd realize it involves just way too many things to even begin with. And when you look for a guide, it's either too general or too pricey and needs to be shipped from overseas.The Thug Bride planner was crafted out of a bride's personal drive to help couples planning to get married by providing a monthly to-do list as your wedding day approaches. Plus, it contains insightful tips you would be happy you knew!

Here are some photos of this beautiful planner!

See video of the pages here:


It also comes with a special discount coupon from Invitations by Ten! :)


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